See why Andrew Garfield was not Hired for a Movie!


Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield has gradually climbed the top of fame and with great effort has managed to make a name on the list of actors listed in Hollywood. Despite the fact that Garfield’s successful filmography has been scarce, the films he has made really successful have catapulted him to fame.


Andrew Garfield and Hollywood

Andrew Garfield and Hollywood

Regardless of what film he is in, Andrew works hard on any film he is going to star, however small and thanks to his participation in the last production of Martin Scorsese, the famed director, Hollywood looks have turned towards the young actor.

However, despite his incredible acting abilities, Andrew was rejected many times, but on this particular occasion you will not believe why.


Why is Andrew Garfield rejected in the movies?

Why is Andrew Garfield rejected in the movies?

Everyone has ever seen or heard about the Chronicles of Narnia saga, right? Well, Andrew has also done it and in fact he is a big fan of books.

In his youth and motivated by his fanaticism in the saga he participated in the casting of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian .

However, even though at the theater level he was the most qualified, Andrew was rejected for not being “handsome enough” to play the prince.

Ben Barnes, however, was chosen to play this character and although Andrew was left out by his physical appearance, this did not stop him to continue climbing the top of fame.


Andrew Garfield a great little graceful actor

However, perhaps this was a signal for the young actor, since the sequels of the saga were not profitable enough and simply the ticket offices began to turn their backs on them, to such an extent that the films stopped producing.

The amazing Spiderman

On the other hand, the future of Garfield has been one of the brightest and with just over 30 years, it has achieved tremendous success, as in 2010 Andrew began to receive Hollywood glances with his participation in ” The network social “, the film that talks about the creation of one of the most used social networks in the world, Facebook.

Next, Andrew surprised us when he brought to the screens a new version of one of Marvel’s favorite superheroes, Spiderman, with the movie ” The Amazing Spiderman .”

Although the new Spiderman will be played by the actor who gave life to the character in the movie Captain America, Andrew has been praised by Stan Lee himself as one of the best actors who have personified the superhero.

However, this does not represent an impediment for the actor, since with his strong role in the film Silence, he has managed to capture all the looks of Hollywood and has definitely opened a market of opportunities for 2017.