Review of the movie Seven

Yes, I know they will say “I can not believe you have not Seven it!” The reality is that I never saw it complete. Unfortunately, when it came to pass through cable, I only saw the final part. But, bless it, LimeWire! I took it down and I saw it all, so I went on to do my review.


Seven is a movie based on the search for a serial killer

Se7en is a movie based on the search for a serial killer


Seven is a movie based on the search for a serial killer, who seems to be choosing his victims according to the seven deadly sins of the Catholic Church: gluttony, sloth, lust, greed, pride, envy and anger. The case seems -in the beginning- to be destined to be followed by a rookie in the field, Detective Mills. However, once it is discovered that the murders have the same line, Detective Somerset – a veteran who is about to retire – remains in that investigation.

The first victim would have been a man with morbid obesity, who was found in an apartment infested with cockroaches, tied hand and foot with barbed wire. The autopsy would have revealed that the victim had been forced to eat to the extent that his stomach had been so swollen that when he was hit in the stomach, it had burst and would have caused internal bleeding.

The second victim

The second victim

The second victim, had been found, tied up in his apartment. Apparently, he had self-mutilated himself. The most interesting thing about the film is that the killer left traces for the detectives to find the next victim. And that’s how they found the third one, tied to a bed. The tests showed that he had been tied to her for a year. It was the way the assassin mocked the detectives …

However, it does not take long for them to find the author of these murders. And the plot gives a somersault, which leads to a story in which the heroes stop being, to become victims and part of the plan of the serial killer.

With some touches of gore, not reaching it for being a film intended for family consumption, it is a good option to see it in the company of the couple. It does not get to obtain the maximum qualification, simply because Silence of the Lambs is much richer when analyzing the assassin. This film is more focused on researchers. I give it an 8.