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What is shocking in the film “Kler”? Queues in cinemas so long that it’s hard to get on this movie. Cinema in our city has done 1 extra screening and thanks to that we managed to watch it. Why is “Kler” attracting more viewers than Patryk Vega’s recent blockbusters?

“Patryk Vega is crying out of sadness that his films do not come in as many viewers as for this film” – I heard in the queue to the cinema. And maybe there is something in it, because the audience on the film “Kler” gathered a little different – as if more mature. Lots of middle-aged people, far fewer young people. Cinema filled for the last chair.


“Kler” copies of Vega’s films?


Why did I compare “Kler” to Patrick Vega’s films? Because it looks very similar. The plot of the film has been “taken off” from “Botox” or even in each of the three parts of “Pitbull”. In “Pitbulu” the action took place at various levels of the police hierarchy. In “Botoks”, Vega exposes the truth about Polish healthcare. Wojciech Smarzowski in the famous film “Kler” showed the splendor and shadows of the clergy in Poland.


What’s going on in the film “Kler”


The plot of the film “Kler” is about events in the curia, a small parish in the village and a parish in the middle city. The main heroes are three colleagues – priests. Father Trybus is an alcoholic and he has a lover. Father KukuĊ‚a is unjustly accused of molesting the boy and he loses the trust of the faithful. And to Father Lisowski – who works in the curia – he wants to be transferred to the Vatican.


My opinion on the film “Kler” by Wojtek Smarzowski

My opinion on the film "Kler" by Wojtek Smarzowski

I wonder what shocking the viewers in this movie. After all, each of us has heard about the priest’s lover, about the priest’s children, about his alcoholism. Or we were watching reports about pedophile priests. Therefore, this film does not reveal anything new to us. Except for the great power of priests … You too, a man – and just like an ordinary man – are fascinated by money, power and sex. It is a pity that it harms innocent juveniles in this way.

The film shows that the Church is an extremely influential organ. He also presents priests as normal people – means men struggling with everyday human weaknesses. Men who must make choices who commit sins. Sometimes, we probably require too much from them. We want them to always be “crystal”. And yet a priest is a human being with normal psychophysical needs. By celibacy, he is deprived of the possibility of being close to another person. Of course, when it comes to exploiting minors, I believe that priests should not be allowed to do so, just like any other person. They should also be punished for such a sin.


“Kler” evokes a lot of emotions, I watch them both on Facebook, where I have several priests and social conversations. Unfortunately, the priests themselves are not very positive about this film. It is difficult to say why they are so indignant. After all, this is not a documentary. Despite everything, “Kler” evokes emotions. In my life I had the pleasure of meeting priests with a vocation – good, modest and normal. Perhaps they had their weaknesses and difficulties. Certainly they also committed sins. I also personally know two priests who resigned from the priesthood and started families – they have wives and children. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in it, because the clergy is a difficult life road. They felt that way and so they chose. So much. I think that there is nothing here to comment on whether to pursue them. It’s better to let them live their lives.


Only the fact that in the Polish Church is a bit like a mafia hurt me. After all, priests should be merciful, they should forgive each other. Instead, they wage war between them. Instead of supporting, the stronger – it crushes the weaker. It is also difficult to understand that priests, instead of striving for truth, sweep the difficulties and problems under the carpet. And yet they could have, if only enough courage to admit that they are only people and that they make mistakes ….

I will definitely emphasize that “Kler” is an important, strong and needed movie.