How to do business abroad?

Many entrepreneurs think recently about moving their business abroad. This is mainly due to the fact that there are large burdens for business in the country. Where can we easily set up a company and what formalities should we count on then?

Since the moment Poland entered the European Union, many restrictions on international entrepreneurship have been abolished. Running a business with contractors and clients in other countries has become easier. Also, the gate to running a business abroad has been opened.

A Polish entrepreneur may operate without restrictions in the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland. However, we must remember that local terms of registration and other requirements are already regulated by individual regulations of specific countries.

However, before we decide to take such a step as an entrepreneur, we should analyze whether it is a beneficial solution for us. It is therefore worth taking into account all the benefits and losses, make a business plan with cost simulation, identify countries where we would like to act, taking into account the regulations and costs of entrepreneurs.

Before you start your business abroad, you need to analyze:

• availability of contractors and customers in a given country

• the amount of taxes and insurance premiums

• costs related to renting an office, purchase of movable property

• the issue of opening an account at a foreign bank and using loans and credits

• the ability to obtain the necessary concessions

• the possibility of using in tenders

Once we know that we want to run a business outside of the country, choose the right country. For a long time companies in Great Britain have been established very often, but in the face of Brexit, this is no longer a tempting proposition. The Czech Republic has become a new hit, where entrepreneurs can enjoy a range of facilities and lower burdens.

However, starting your own business abroad is not the only solution. We can also own a company in Poland and provide our services abroad, for example as an instructor, guide, architect.

Provision of services abroad

EU law also allows the possibility of providing services in another EU country, while the company is registered in a given country, for example in Poland. In this case, we do not have to set up a new company or open a branch in another country.

This is possible when we want to provide services of this kind temporarily, for specific clients or when we want to explore the market. Therefore, when we do not know whether we want to work in a given country in the long run and provide services there, we can conduct “test” activities without additional administrative procedures.